Dr Cassandra Shields

ACEFT Morningside

B Psych (Hons) PhD (Clinical Psychology)

Clinical Psychologist

Certified EFT Couples Therapist and Supervisor with the International Centre for Excellent in Emotionally-Focused Therapy (ICEEFT)- Ottawa Canada 

Cassy is an endorsed clinical psychologist and certified EFT couples therapist with ICEEFT. She has particular interests in working with couples, anxiety, trauma, grief and loss. Her PhD was passed without the need for revision in 2013, placing her on the Dean’s list for academic excellence in higher degree research (Griffith University). Her research focused on investigating factors that contribute to depression and anxiety following traumatic brain injury. Cassy has presented her research both nationally and internationally, and has more than 6 peer-reviewed publications relating to emotion, adjustment and wellbeing following brain injury. Cassy began her training in couples therapy in 2011, completing the Externship in Emotion Focused Couples Therapy. Since this time, she has completed the EFT Core Skills Advanced Training, as well as sought ongoing supervision and professional development in this area. Cassy was the third Australian therapist to become certified with ICEEFT as an EFT couples therapist.Through her work with clients, she aims to support people to work towards developing closer, more secure relationships, live richer meaningful lives, and develop enhanced self-compassion, irrespective of adversity.