Kathleen (Katie) Kjelsaas

ACEFT Morningside

B. Psy. Sc (Hons I), B. A., B. Ed. MAPS

Katie is passionate about helping her clients achieve meaningful connections, whether with new ideas, parts of themselves or the people that matter to them.

As a registered psychologist trained at the University of Queensland, Katie enjoys working with couples, families and individuals. She is committed to the use of evidence-based treatments within a positive, collaborative framework. Katie works with her clients to understand their fundamental needs and develop appropriate action to see these needs met. Therapy is shaped by clients’ goals and Katie is dedicated in supporting her clients to achieve these.

Katie has training and experience in emotionally focused therapy (EFT) for couples, as well as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) for individuals.

Katie is currently completing a Doctorate of Clinical Psychology at the University of Queensland. She is a recipient of the University Medal, APS Prize and McBride Psychology Prize for her academic and research work. Her research has examined gender stereotypes, social skills and online social networking. Her clinical interests include supporting relationship adjustment during transition points (e.g., marriage, parenthood, career change, retirement); dynamics of sexual desire; self-efficacy, self-actualisation and post-traumatic growth.