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Thoughts on EFT

Here you will find a collection of posts from EFT therapists about various topics relating to EFT for individuals, relationships and families.

We are keen to showcase how the EFT model can be used to good effect with many diverse groups and to provide food-for-thought for EFT therapists. Feel free to email us an article for consideration below. 

General EFT & Attachment

Attachment & Relationship Loss: From surviving to flourishingAs couples and relationship therapists, we are all about fostering and developing... read more

In this honest and vulnerable article, Phoenix (She/her) shares her experiences in connecting with herself and how this can... read more

In this article Clare provides an overview of the most commonly used attachment strategies including how they develop and... read more

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EFT for Special Groups

Non-Monogamy in Intimate Relationships Between Men by Dr Kieran O'LoughlinIntimate relationships between men have certainly received more recognition and... read more

Psychotherapist Jodie Goddard writes her thoughts about Polysecure by Jessica Fern.  A lot of what we know about the structure... read more

Broadening Our View

Challenging everyday monogomism: Making the paradigm shift from couple-centric bias to polycule-centred practice in counselling and psychotherapy This paper explores everyday... read more

EFT Skills & Tools

Encouragement for Therapists New to EFT EFT is an exciting and fascinating therapy that just keeps getting more interesting as you... read more