Clare’s Approach to EFT Training

Sharing EFT with Mental Health Professionals

Clare is a ICEEFT Certified EFT trainer with a passion for attachment and EFT.  She is committed to sharing the EFT model with therapists all around the world.

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Clare's background & experience

Clare (she/her) is a clinical psychologist and member of the College of Clinical Psychologists of the Australian Psychological Society. She completed her Doctorate of Clinical Psychology at Griffith University in 2001 and has worked in a variety of clinical settings from non-government organisations, schools, hospitals and her own private practice. With over 23 years’ experience in public, private and educational settings, Clare finds working within the EFT framework to be the most satisfying and rewarding work of her career.

Clare is an ICEEFT Certified EFT Trainer, and director of the Brisbane Centre for Attachment and Relationships. Clare has spoken nationally and internationally on EFT and is happiest when inspiring other therapists in the EFT model.

Clare is the author of two resource books for therapists and the newly released book on recovery from relationship loss, An Emotionally Focused Guide to Relationship Loss: Life After Love. Clare is continually inspired by the power of EFT, grateful to Dr Sue Johnson for her vision, and remains committed to sharing this most amazing model of therapy with the world.

Clare's mission to make EFT accessible & inclusive

Clare believes in the power of attachment and connection in all relationships; dyadic, polyamorous, monogamous or consensually non-monogamous and the unique people who make them what they are; hetero, LGBTQIA+, cis, gender non-conforming – all beautiful humans. She is deeply respectful of the cultural context in which people live, love and grow and prioritizes this in her training and in her therapeutic work as she commits to being anti-racist, knowing that this work is always ongoing.

Clare is dedicated to making EFT accessible for all therapists and for all human relationships. She is committed to embracing diversity in the EFT community. As such, Clare has a special emphasis on diversity and inclusion in every EFT training event she conducts. Attention is paid to how EFT might assist people in relationships of many styles such as monogamous dyads, consensually non-monogamous relationships, polycules, families, kinship groups and more. Diversity in therapists is acknowledged as we all come together to learn and grow from one another. An important part of an EFT training event with Clare is reflection on self-of-therapist issues such as our own personal biases, power dynamics in therapy and exploring our own triggers and sensitivities.

ACEFT Training Services

EFT Training for Therapists

Clare conducts "core" EFT trainings that equip therapists with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills of the EFT model. These trainings form the 12 days of training required by the International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy (ICEEFT) for Certification as an EFT therapist. They are Externship in EFT, Core Skills A and B.

In addition to these core EFT training events, Clare also provides 1-day introduction to EFT trainings (both online and in-person), webinars, and special topic/advanced trainings.

Therapist Resources & tools

Clare loves to create resources for therapists to help them to learn and consolidate their EFT skills. She has made a series of YouTube videos and pre-recorded webinars on EFT-related topics.

Clare has an active Instagram page full of posts to inspire EFT therapists and anyone interested in attachment and relationships. Clare loves to create visually appealing images that help to articulate EFT concepts and skills.

Follow Clare here: @clarerosoman

Creating Community amongst therapists

Clare is passionate about developing our Australian EFT community and appreciates being a part of and supporting the continued growth of EFT throughout Australia.  She loves helping people to make connections amongst the EFT community, knowing that we all need safe connections with others to thrive.

She actively connects therapists with their peers so that they can support each other in their professional development. She is glad to be able to assist people to look for and find a therapist accessible to them via the "Find an EFT Therapist" list on this website.

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Clare's teaching style

In line with her commitment to inclusion and embracing diversity, Clare's teaching always has a focus on how EFT might assist people of varied cultural backgrounds, relationship styles and brain styles. Her love of visually appealing teaching aids is evident in her slides below. Therapists will leave her training with a rich pool of resources and tools to assist them in their understanding of the EFT concepts and interventions, and to assist them in their use of the EFT model with their clients.

Feedback from training participants

It was brilliant overall! It was a well balanced course, which included discussions, videos, role plays, breaks, information. Thank you for an exceptional experience of EFT!

Words can't express the depth of gratitude that comes from feeling included, seen and heard in professional training... This is before I even mention receiving the training model and content in ways that are both theoretical and experiential. I'm glad to be here and learning this model alongside you and I look forward to using it more and more as I integrate the learning into my practice. Thank you!

Clare's way of being in the world and her dedication to creating safe spaces for all humans shines like a beacon of hope - For all people, not just us marginalized folx.

It was deeply heart warming for me to see a demo video with a same gender couple. Similarly, a case demonstration that was centering an ND/NT relationship without pathologizing one partner... I'm not sure I can express how personally moved I was by that. Sincerest thanks for including, centering and demonstrating with these two cases.

Thank you, I really appreciate the learning. The part that stands out for me is Clare's generosity and her willingness to share whatever she has to offer in an attempt to help us all become better therapists. Whether this be her expert knowledge/skills or resources she has personally made. It feels like nothing is held back. Whatever she has, she will give. I hope to work more like this myself. I am quite impacted by this element of the training. She answers all questions with care and a willingness to try to help all participants. I felt very safe, included and comfortable to share.

Responsibilities & Coordination of ICEEFT Certified Trainers

ICEEFT Certified Trainers are leaders in promoting ICEEFT's Mission, which is to educate mental health professionals and raise public awareness of the effectiveness of EFT and its role in strengthening relationship bonds.

The role of an EFT Trainer is challenging and rewarding. Usually, a Trainer is affiliated with an EFT Center and is often its director. In addition to shaping and leading their EFT communities, EFT trainers conduct core EFT trainings for therapists (Externships in EFT and Core Skills A & B) and workshops and masterclasses on EFT-related topics. They also offer clinical supervision to EFT therapists and mentor supervisors-in-training to become ICEEFT Certified EFT Supervisors.

Trainer responsibilities typically include:

  • Develop and / or promote an EFT Center
  • Being the primary liaison between the ICEEFT Board of Directors and a local EFT Center
  • Serve on the committees of ICEEFT
  • Contribute to EFT practice development, supervision, training and research
  • Collaborate and support each other in developing EFT training events and resources

Following the core values ​​of ICEEFT, EFT Trainers seek opportunities to support the development of EFT Centers and / or Communities through innovation, collaboration and promotion in the best interests of EFT practitioners.

As ambassadors and administrators of the EFT model, trainers seek opportunities to actively collaborate with other trainers and EFT communities to promote the development of EFT knowledge globally and locally. This open and cooperative consultation respects the substantial effort and investment of all trainers and community organizers and reflects the collaborative and generous nature of the EFT model.

Clare's Book on Recovery From Relationship Loss


"This is a beautifully written book that will touch your heart and lead you through the pain of loss to a new sense of balance and peace – everyone should read it."

Sue Johnson, (Ed.D.), Founder of Emotionally Focused Therapy & Director of the International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy (ICEEFT)

About the book

By viewing romantic love as an attachment bond, Clare Rosoman incorporates emotionally focused therapy (EFT) and attachment theory to provide evidence-based tools in navigating close relationships and managing the pain of relationship loss. 

Addressing all forms of relationships, including family and friendship losses, LGBTQ+ couples, and references to cultural humility, this accessible and empathetic guide is written for both therapists and their clients to help them learn from their experiences and build the ability to be a resource for themselves. It is essential reading for EFT therapists as well as couple, marriage, and family therapists. 

Clare talks about recovery from relationship loss on the podcast, That Relationship Show, with Deb & Naomi

Clare was interviewed by EFT therapists, Naomi Rather and Deborah Curtis on their popular podcast, That Relationship Show. They had a great discussion about recovery from relationship loss and how attachment science and EFT can assist people with processing pain and growing stronger out of suffering. Click to hear the conversation!