Joanna Rossetti

Masters of Counselling Student - ACEFT Morningside

BA/LLB (Hons) Masters of Counselling Candidate


Joanna is a final-year Masters of Counselling student who is completing her studies through the University of Queensland. She has received the Dean’s Commendation for Academic Excellence. Prior to commencing her Counselling studies, Joanna worked as a dispute resolution lawyer in Australia, the UK and Europe, specialising in international arbitration in the construction industry. Family life encouraged Joanna to seek a new direction, and she attended a number of seminars and conferences on autism, learning difficulties and paediatric mental health before deciding to study Counselling. Joanna is warm, accepting, highly empathic and compassionate and she uses a client-centered, strengths-based, collaborative approach. She is interested in helping individuals, couples and families to find relief, healing and transformation. She has a strong interest in helping those dealing with the impacts of anxiety, depression, trauma and relationship distress, and has a particular interest in optimising mental health for parents, children and adolescents, whether the children involved are neurotypical or managing disability. Joanna was excited to discover Emotionally Focussed Therapy during her studies and is undertaking further training to allow her to follow her passion of assisting couples to enhance and nurture safety and connection in their relationships.