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Learn EFT in your own time with Clare's pre-recorded webinars. Each one provides a bite-sized piece of EFT complete with handouts and video demonstrations to help therapists to develop their EFT skills.

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ACEFT & Dr Kathryn Rheem Stand with Ukraine

"Thanks to you both for a brilliant webinar. So gratifying to support Ukrainian therapists but also to offer so much support for those who could attend and experience the community tonight. I'm reminded that we can feel like we cannot do much (or anything)  in the face of such tragedy but together we can do what we can and we can make a difference. Breaking down isolation for our own therapists too. So powerful. Much love and gratitude, can I say, you two rock!"

- from Margie Ulbrick

100% of the proceeds from this event went to the Ukraine EFT Association to support Ukrainian therapists in their work. EFT Trainer, Dr Kathryn Rheem kindly donated her time to be with the Australian EFT community and to answer all our EFT-related questions. We really put Kathryn through her paces with great questions that covered many areas such as safety in relationship therapy, drawing-out softer emotions, to honouring culture in EFT, and more!
Of course, Kathryn was her usual inspiring, generous, transparent self - full of wonderful quotable lines, a strong research basis, and providing clear, logical processes to consider in our work.
With over 80 registrations and about half of whom where able to tune in live, we had so much fun. For those who supported the event knowing they wouldn't be able to tune in live, thank you and you are in for a treat when you view the recording!
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Webinar: An Orientation to Culturally Safe & Anti-Oppressive EFT Practice

Dr Gávi Ansara & Dr Clare Rosoman

This 3hr webinar recording provides an overview of the principles of culturally humble and anti-oppressive practice within our EFT framework. With a focus on honoring diversity and building awareness of structural norms that can exclude and "other" marginalised people's experiences, this workshop aims to assist therapists undertaking EFT training in honoring diversity and building self-reflection into their practice. This webinar forms part of the action we are taking in Australia to actively cultivate safety in our EFT community.

It is our EFT-way of saying, we see you, you matter, EFT is for every human, regardless of how or who they love – connection is for ALL

Learning Objectives:

  • Bringing cultural sensitivity into our practice with our colleagues and our clients
  • Building awareness of the impact of marginalization & unearned privilege
  • Building awareness of human diversity due to racialised group, religion, ethnicity, culture, sexuality, gender identity, sex characteristics, relationship structure, ability, or age.
  • Guiding and educating about working in a culturally humble manner, including respectful use of pronouns and repairing microaggressions.
  • Helping therapists to have a rich training experience in learning EFT and better serving the people you help in your practice.

Cost: Free to access as our contribution to developing a culturally safe EFT community where diversity is honored

The following pre-recorded webinars by Dr Clare Rosoman give you on-demand access to a range of EFT-related webinar topics. To purchase access one of these webinars for 6 months, click the button for each resource and complete your online purchase order. You will receive links, files and handouts as required.
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Webinar: Life After Love - Supporting Clients Impacted by the Loss of Important Relationships

Dr Clare Rosoman, ICEEFT Certified Trainer

This 2hr webinar recording explores the loss of love through the attachment lens and how we can help our clients to grow from heartbreak so that they can nourish themselves and heal, and go on to create healthy, meaningful attachments moving forward.

The webinar looks at the attachment view of love and how we can use this to validate and be with our clients when they face the devastation of lost love. It focuses on how we can use attachment theory to help our clients to learn more about the impact of their attachment history on their attachment strategies and on growing their awareness of how they show up in relationships. It covers the 4 phases of loss as outlined by Bowlby and the Dual-Process model of grief and loss and how we can support our clients in the “work" of grief. Finally, it outlines some ways to help our heartbroken clients to engage with their emotions in ways that support growth and healing and how they can “lead with security” into their next big love relationship.

The content of this webinar comes from Clare’s newly released book An Emotionally Focused Guide to Relationship Loss: Life After Love.” It is designed help therapists to support clients suffering from the loss of an important relationship – whether this is a romantic, platonic or family relationship. It is appropriate for therapists working with clients in monogamous and consensually non-monogamous relationships who might be facing loss through the reconfiguration of a relationship such as, from partner to friend or from committed dyad to co-parents.

Cost: $55 incl GST

Webinar: EFT & Pornography

Dr Clare Rosoman, ICEEFT Certified Trainer

This 4hr 18min webinar recording provides an unbiased view of pornography, its impact on the individual and the couple relationship, and assists EFT couples therapists in helping couples affected by problematic pornography use.

Participant feedback: "... what an incredible webinar! I wasn't aware of the passage of time as we explored the material and witnessed your client session - I am grateful for your synthesis of  the material and research available ... and the manner in which it was presented, gently scaffolded ... allowing myself to engage on a much more meaningful level as opposed to merely fact transferring ... There is so much to consider ... I was quite dizzy afterwards, but I am grateful for this opportunity to enrich myself and hopefully the work I do with clients grappling with this as a concern."

Cost: $135 per person incl GST

Webinar: Learning the EFT Tango

Dr Clare Rosoman, ICEEFT Certified Trainer

This 1 hour  webinar recording looks at the 5 key moves of the EFT Tango. The EFT tango gives us a foundational set of interventions to work with all through the EFT model. It provides a framework for therapists to use in the moment, when it is so easy to get overwhelmed and uncertain of where to place your focus. The tango gives us a place to return to again and again.

Teaching Aims:

  • This webinar focuses in detail on each move of the EFT tango and why it is important to the overarching therapeutic goals and theoretical underpinnings of EFT.
  • We then watch footage of a live therapy session with captions naming the move of the tango as it occurs.

Cost: $55 per person incl GST

Webinar: How Affective Neuroscience, Polyvagal Theory & Social Baseline Theory Inform Our Work in EFT

Dr Clare Rosoman, ICEEFT Certified Trainer

This 50 minute webinar recording focuses on the neuroscience of emotions and the importance of social connection, not just for emotional wellbeing, but also for our physical wellbeing. It provides neuroscientific confirmation for why what we do in EFT is so effective.

Teaching Aims:

  • Understand what happens in our brains & bodies when we face a threat
  • Examine how social connection & healthy attachments calm our neurophysiology
  • Explore two influential theories that have changed the way we view our need for social connection:
    • Polyvagal Theory (Stephen Porges, 2007)
    • Social Baseline Theory (James Coan, 2015)
  • Highlight how EFT operationalizes these theories by working at a neurobiological level to optimize health and wellbeing

Cost: $55 per person incl GST

Webinar: Getting off on the Right Track in Stage 1 EFT for Couples

Dr Clare Rosoman, ICEEFT Certified Trainer

This 70 minute pre-recorded webinar focuses on getting off to a great start in Stage 1 EFT for couples including making sense of what can feel most chaotic in the early sessions when emotions run high. We all want to hep our couples to get traction in the EFT model and to help them to have a sense of hope that they can find safe, loving connection again.

This webinar includes live video footage of a couple working through some of their early EFT sessions and demonstrates specific EFT interventions to help couples to feel that they are off to a good start, to reframe their struggles and to begin taking tentative new steps towards connection and security in their bond.

Teaching Aims:

  • making sense of what can feel most chaotic in the early sessions such as ambivalence and blame
  • using the 5 moves of the EFT Tango to track the cycle and create order from chaos
  • getting glimpses of connection with enactments
  • building mastery and hope

Cost: $55 per person incl GST

Webinar: Strap Yourself In When It Gets Curly! Managing Escalation, Rupture and Repair in EFT for Couples

Dr Clare Rosoman, ICEEFT Certified Trainer

This 90 minute pre-recorded webinar focuses on managing those moments we all find so challenging; when emotions escalate in session like a runaway train, when ruptures happen and we need to facilitate repair.

Teaching Aims:

  • how to maintain balance in the face of escalated emotion
  • reflection on self-of-therapist stuck places, coping styles and learning edges
  • tools for maintaining attunement and de-escalating secondary-reactive emotion
  • ways to draw out the softer more primary emotions and attachment longings
  • how to repair ruptures when we have mis-attuned to rebuild safety

Participant feedback: "Thank you so much Clare!! That was a great demonstration of high levels of escalation and how you really hung in there with them (when I could feel myself wanting to head for the hills!!) And what beautiful results. I find it so helpful to see examples of therapeutic rupture too – you repaired it so skillfully and with real heart Clare. Thank you for this fabulously alive teaching!"

Cost: $66 per person including GST