Tailor-Made EFT Training

Clare can design a training event for you

Clare is an ICEEFT Certified EFT trainer providing training for therapists. Therapists can either attend a core training event to work towards becoming certified as an EFT therapist with ICEEFT or we can design a training event especially for your organisation or group.

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Clare's training experience

Clare is a clinical psychologist and Certified EFT Trainer with the International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy (ICEEFT). She has delivered training in EFT for therapists and spoken at conferences throughout Australia and internationally. Clare has taught in New York, Rome, Athens, and Vancouver as well as remotely teaching in Washington DC and Singapore. She loves working with therapists to introduce them to EFT and to inspire them to develop and hone their therapeutic skills.

Clare's mission to make EFT accessible & inclusive

Clare is dedicated to making EFT accessible for all therapists and for all human relationships. She is committed to embracing diversity in the EFT community and in the therapists she works with. As such, Clare has a special emphasis on diversity and inclusion in every EFT training event she conducts. Attention is paid to how EFT might assist people in relationships of many styles such as monogamous dyads, consensually non-monogamous relationships, polycules, families, kinship groups and more. Diversity in therapists is acknowledged as we all come together to learn and grow from one another. Clare is deeply respectful of the cultural context in which people live, love and grow and Clare commits to being anti-racist, knowing this work is always ongoing. An important part of an EFT training event with Clare is reflection on self-of-therapist issues such as our own personal biases, power dynamics in therapy and exploring our own triggers and sensitivities.

Training Formats & Topics

Core EFT Training

Clare conducts "core" EFT trainings that equip therapists with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills of the EFT model. These trainings form the 12 days of training required by the International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy (ICEEFT) for Certification as an EFT therapist.

They are Externship in EFT, Core Skills A and Core Skills B. Each core workshop is conducted over 4-days and can be taken one at a time to allow for consolidation of skills.

If you are looking to organise a core training for your organisation or group, Clare can tailor a package for you. She can travel to be with you in-person or can deliver online training.

Online EFT Training

Clare is experienced in and comfortable with teaching online and can create a workshop especially for your audience. Clare often provides online core EFT trainings that are run over 4-days as well as online one-day trainings and short webinars. She can provide webinars or workshops of varying length, depending on your needs.

With the current uncertainty of travel arrangements, training online is a great option for many people. Often more people can attend a training event when travel is not required.

Clare makes sure that online training takes into account people's need for stretch-time, a variety of mediums and interpersonal interaction.

Special Topics

  • Introduction to EFT for relationships
  • Introduction to EFT for individuals
  • Deepening emotional engagement to create therapeutic change
  • Advanced EFT skills - EFT Tango, managing escalation in relationship therapy, working through therapeutic blocks
  • Recovery from boundary violations in relationships (e.g. attachment injuries, broken trust, violations of agreements such as affairs in monogamous relationships)
  • Recovery from relationship loss - based on Clare's new book Life After Love
  • The impact of pornography on individuals and on relationships
  • Integrating sex therapy and relationship therapy

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Training with Clare

In line with her commitment to inclusion and embracing diversity, Clare's teaching always has a focus on how EFT might assist people of varied cultural backgrounds, relationship styles and brain styles. Her love of visually appealing teaching aids is evident in her slides below. Therapists will leave her training with a rich pool of resources and tools to assist them in their understanding of the EFT concepts and interventions, and to assist them in their use of the EFT model with their clients. Here are some of the special-topic slides Clare shares with her trainees.

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