Dr Jennifer Fitzgerald

ACEFT Spring Hill


Clinical Psychologist & Founding Co-Director of ACEFT

Certified EFT Trainer, Couples Therapist and Supervisor with the International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally-Focused Therapy (ICEEFT)- Ottawa Canada

ACEFT Spring Hill

Jenny is a Clinical Psychologist and Member of the College of Clinical Psychologists of the Australian Psychological Society. She completed a PhD in Clinical Psychology at the University of Queensland in 2005, supervised by adult attachment theorist Judith Feeney.  Jenny works in private practice in Brisbane where she treats couples with relationship distress or sexual dysfunction and individuals with mental health disorders and grief and loss. She also teaches at the University of Queensland, coordinating programs in clinical communication skills for medical students and sex and couple therapy for clinical psychology graduate students. Jenny is the first Australian clinician to be certified by the International Centre for Excellence in EFT (Ottawa) as an Emotionally-focused Couples Therapist, Supervisor and Trainer.  She greatly admires the EFT model and says that finding EFT in the academic literature years ago was a memorable event, like discovering gold. She has coedited two textbooks for medical students and doctors, Communication skills in medicine and Psychosocial dimensions in medicine (published IP Communications, Melbourne) and is the co-author (with Veronica Kallos- Lilly) of An Emotionally Focused Workbook for Couples: The Two Of Us, published by Routledge in August 2014. Jenny has also edited a text book for couples' therapists that draws in the expertise of researchers and clinicians from North America, Australia, New Zealand and the Netherlands.  Its title is, Foundations for couples' therapy: Research for the real world, and it was published by Routledge in February 2017.