Nicholas Baker

ACEFT Spring Hill

MPsyClin, BPsycSc (hons I)

Registered Psychologist and Clinical Psychology Registrar.

Nick is a Registered General Psychologist and Clinical Psychology Registrar. Nick is keenly interested in the psychology of relationships and supporting couples through difficulties in all areas including gender and sexuality, intimacy, monogamy, religion, as well as the more general and individual issues that arise in all relationships.  

Nick believes strongly in the power of couples working together to improve their relationships, and uses an emotion-focussed framework to assist his clients to develop safe and secure attachments, build insight into their own and their partner’s emotional and attachment needs, and defuse cycles of conflict by bringing awareness to these cycles and addressing the underlying emotions. Nick strives to create a safe, supportive and warm therapeutic environment to assist his clients in redefining their relationship in terms of emotional security, availability and responsiveness. 

Nick is passionate about supporting the relationships of members of the LGBTQIA+ community, and has completed two dissertations investigation the relationship standards,  values, and satisfaction in LGBTIAQ+ couples, the first of which has now been published in the Journal of Family Process.

Nick will be seeing clients under the direct supervision of Dr Jenny Fitzgerald.