EFT Training & Certification Overview

Becoming Certified as an EFT Therapist

The International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy (ICEEFT) has a well-planned process for therapists to follow should they choose to become a Certified EFT Therapist.

This is a rewarding process for those dedicated in pursuing EFT as a treatment modality. Click below to learn more.

ICEEFT-Endorsed EFT Training

Dr Clare Rosoman is a Certified EFT Trainer and representative of the International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy (ICEEFT). Dr Sue Johnson is the Founder of EFT and the Director ICEEFT. Along with Dr Sue Johnson's other international EFT trainers, Clare offers ICEEFT-endorsed EFT training events for mental health professionals that meet the requirements for becoming a certified EFT therapist. Clare offers online and face-to-face EFT training in Australia and internationally.

Core EFT Training Courses

Clare offers ICEEFT-endorsed "core" training courses for therapists in EFT for relationships.

  • Externship in EFT (4 days)
  • Core Skills B (4 days)
  • Core Skills B (4 days)

These three courses form the core trainings for eligibility for certification as an EFT therapist.

See below for more information on the requirements for certification as an EFT therapist as outlined by ICEEFT.

Focus on Couples & Relationships

The core EFT trainings focus on EFT for couples and relationships whilst also including examples of how the EFT model applies to individuals and to families. This focus on dyadic connection reflects the strong emphasis on systemic practice that is at the core of the EFT model and its origins as a couples therapy intervention.

As the evidence-base has expanded for EFT, we now can see its effectiveness in building attachment security in all meaningful relationships and in improving individual well-being.

Eligibility criteria for therapists

In order to undertake training in Emotionally Focused Therapy, you must be a mental health practitioner such as a psychologist, psychiatrist, counsellor, social worker, or psychotherapist. You must have membership to an appropriate professional body (e.g. AHPRA, PACFA, ACA, AASW, RANZCP).

You can complete EFT training if you are currently studying for a mental health qualification (e.g. undergraduate or postgraduate student).

Video on EFT Training & the Certification Process

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Becoming a Certified EFT Therapist

The success of the EFT model in improving relationships has led to the development of and EFT certification process by the International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy (ICEEFT).

The certification process verified the level of competence of therapists in the model. The criteria must be met in order for a therapist to receive EFT certification based on both observational processes of effective EFT therapy and written requirements. There is also a certification process for EFT supervisors.

The requirements for certification as an EFT therapist include:

  • Register and complete an Externship in EFT (4 days)
  • Register and complete advanced training in EFT - Core Skills A (4 days) and Core Skills B (4 days).
  • Complete 8hrs of case consultation/supervision with a Certified EFT Supervisor or Supervisor-in-training
  • Prepare and submit written materials, references, proof of qualifications, provide 2 video excerpts demonstrating the therapists' mastery of the EFT model in stage 1 and 2. These are reviewed by a Certified trainer in Ottawa, Canada.

Encouragement for Becoming a Certified EFT Therapist

How to get involved in the national & international EFT communities after completing your Externship in Emotionally Focused Therapy

EFT Trainer & Chair of the ICEEFT Education Committee, Gail Palmer, talks about the requirements for Certification as an EFT Therapist

ACEFT Training Information

Payment & Cancellation Policy for Clare Rosoman's EFT training events

  1. Payment is to be made in full at the time of registration.
  2. Cancellation requests must be received in written form to: training@aceft.com.au
  3. For cancellations, the following applies:
    (a) more than 30 days prior to start date, the registration fee is refunded, minus $50 cancellation fee;
    (b) inside 30 days, 50% of the registration fee is refunded;
    (c) within 7 days, there is NO refund, however participants will have the option to move to an alternative course.
  4. In the case of medical or family emergency, registration may be transferred or refunded (in consultation with the training coordinator).
  5. COVID-19 travel restrictions and course mode: ACEFT reserves the right to change the mode of delivery of a course to online should travel restrictions prevent Clare from traveling to or from course locations. In these circumstances, ACEFT will advise participants at the earliest opportunity via email.
  6. Registration transfer: Registrations are transferable in full to another person on notification. Where a delegate can only attend for part of training, transfer of the remainder of the registration to another person is NOT possible.
  7. Course cancellation: In the event that a course is cancelled due to low registration, refunds will be issued in full.

Additional Information About Fees & Professional Development


  • APS, PACFA and ACA members can accrue Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours by participating in CPD activities that they determine to be relevant to their individual professional skills learning plans and goals. These may be self-initiated. CPD activities do not need to be endorsed by the APS, PACFA or the ACA.
  • Please retain your receipt of registration and your certificate of completion to prove attendance for your professional body.

Student rates:

  • Registrants applying for the student rate must provide proof of enrolment in a course of study in a mental health field such as psychology, counselling, social work, psychiatry etc. Limited student places are available at each training events.

Scholarship places:

  • Registrants applying for scholarship entry or fee reductions must apply using this form.
  • Limited places are made available at Clare's core EFT training events (Externship in EFT, Core Skills A and Core Skills B). More places are able to be offered for online trainings than at face-to-face trainings due to the venue-hire and catering costs involved for in-person training events.

ACEFT Diversity & Equity Scholarships

Scholarship Places in Clare's EFT Core Trainings

Click here for more information on scholarship places in Clare Rosoman's core EFT training events.